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In 1973, I began to get a series of "instructions" about the work I was to do. The instructions were given to me through a series of pictures flashed on my mind's eye. I perceived the information instinctively and intuitively, rather than auditorily. I was told that during the years 1990 through 1999, many devastating changes would occur, culminating in the collapse of the economic system (banks, insurance companies, the stock market, etc). The world as we know it is based on greed, fear and competition and is negative and unnatural. I was told that the communication devices we depend on would be inoperative and that instructions for survival would be given through the intuition during the chaos which followed the collapse.

I was told to work with women - especially young women - because women are more apt to listen to the "still, small voice" inside - not because women are superior to men in any other way. Information, I was informed, would be broadcast and only those "tuned in" to their intuitions would hear it. I was to work with young women because they would more likely survive the change because they were stronger and more adaptable than older women. I was to tell the young women two things: (1) Practice listening to your intuition, and trusting your intuition, so that your ability to hear and respond will be honed and second-nature by the time you really need it, and (2) If you have guidance toward homeopathic medicine or any other natural talent for helping others, take it seriously, work with it until you have learned all you can about it so you can use it for the period after the collapse.

This last part was important because I was told that after the man-made, corrupt system we are currently living in is gone, medicine will consist of herbs, touch, talking, love, attention, etc. rather than the cutting and chemicals which now comprises most of our medical practice.

In 1983, I was given the instruction on the 4 Genders and told to get the word out to as many people as I could, because the information would be invaluable later. After the chaos of the collapse, the people remaining would rebuild a society on more honest, genuine and spiritual principles. When people are living in harmony with Spirit, themselves, each other, animals and the earth, the information on the Four Genders would serve as a framework for accepting people as they naturally are and for promoting peace within society. It would also provide a basis for the division of labor so that the different genders would be encouraged to follow their natural instincts. Thereby, all work would be accomplished by the ones who naturally do it best and no one would be forced to fit themselves into a societal role which was not natural to them.

In 1984, I was given a series of visions into the chaos which will come as the present system is imploding. I saw trains with many, many flatbeds rolling through the night. On the flatbed train cars, tanks and other war machinery was lined up in endless rows. Later, I saw scenes of (mostly) men fighting in the streets - deadly hand-to-hand combat. One group wore black uniforms and considered themselves to be in the right. The men they were fighting wore no uniforms, and also considered themselves to be right. The only difference between the groups were the uniforms. The ones with no uniforms were called "criminals" by the ones with the black uniforms - not because they had committed any real crime, but simply because they were fighting the ones in the uniforms. In truth, both sides were the pawns of people and ideas they knew nothing about. I was reminded of the line in the poem "Dover Beach" -"where ignorant armies clash by night."

The streets were filthy - littered with glass, debris of all kinds. The scenes took place in a large city, and the windows in the shops were broken. There was no electricity, and no cars were moving. People who were not either "blacksuits" or "criminals", were mainly trying to save themselves by hiding. I was with a group of these people, and we were so hungry we were picking oranges and grapefruits off the trees for something to eat. I and the group of frightened folks I was with, went into a building that had been a luxury hotel. But the glass windows were broken out, and shards of glass were lying on the expensive carpet in the lobby. There was no electricity nor air conditioning, and the place was dank and dark. We went through the lobby toward the back of the hotel looking for an unlocked door to one of the rooms so we could hide from the fighting in the streets.

I believe that the visions I have had were from the beings represented by the consciousness in the ball of light when I was three. I believe that the work I have to do is to share these experiences.

I was told that I would not be around for the rebuilding...but I was to help prepare the ones who would survive to rebuild. That is what I'm trying to do.

If my message does not speak to your heart, please disregard what I have written. If, however, any of this resonates with you, get ready. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better - but it will get better. A new world will be built, and it will not be the New World Order. It will be a simple world where Spirit reins and folks live as a tribe, help each other, and life is sweet.