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Although God created two sexes, male and female, He
created four genders. He created masculine and
feminine men and masculine and feminine women.
These divisions do not pertain to "gay" or
"straight" because anyone can express
sexually with anyone else at any time (and they do)
at various points in their lives.


These are the warriors, the builders, the hunters and the impreg-nators. These are their jobs. They protect the other genders from enemies, construct shelter, bring home the bacon and give the women their children. Around us in society, we see masculine men naturally gravitating toward these roles. In fact, we have so many wars because it is by keeping a war going all the time, the masculine man can insure his dominance. When masculine man is respected for his contribution and not expected to be anything but what he is, he will be much more comfortable. When masculine man is taught by the other genders that these are his roles and he is not God, everyone else will be much more comfortable.

Masculine man has run the show for much too long and we are close to destroying ourselves because masculine man's natural aggressiveness and competitiveness has been allowed to run rampant. Give a masculine man a choice between playing God and having to strain himself to "be sensitive" and "find the female within himself" or being allowed and encouraged to be his natural self, while staying within his limits, and I believe most men would go for it in a heartbeat. Ask a masculine man if he would give up the race for life where he could build houses, bridges, machinery and gadgets, hunt and fish all he wants, fight to win against any real enemy without any pretended rules of fairness, and impregnate women all his life, and I believe most men would give up trying to be everything to prove their superiority. Masculine men need to be taught that there are three other genders who have their roles, too, and that it will not be tolerated for him to continue to deny them the dignity of their parts in the whole scheme of things. Show a masculine man a deer, and he'll see meat. Masculine man loves to provide and protect.


Feminine Men: These men are the keepers of beauty. They are the designers, the costumers, the artists, dancers and playwrights. They are the actors and the makers of magic. Wherever there is color and line and beauty to be expressed, there you will find the feminine man. Too long have they been denied the credit that is theirs for finding and creating beautiful things in a sometimes sordid world. Without the feminine man, we have no elegance, no dignity. Their gifts raise us above ourselves. The feminine man sees and reflects back to us a side of ourselves the other genders do not see until he shows it to us. They need to be loved and appreciated for who they are and what they have always given to us. They are the natural emotional companions of the masculine man. Show a feminine man a deer, and he'll see the deer's beauty. Feminine man's first love is art.


She is the nurturer. She tends the animals and the sick. She prepares the dead for burial. According to the bible, on the third day the women came to the tomb to get Christ's body to prepare it for burial.

Masculine women are natural veterinarians, nurses, funeral home workers. They have always served as midwives because they are the natural providers of support and under-standing for the feminine woman.

Feminine woman looks to masculine man to provide understanding and support, but it is masculine woman who can provide it. Masculine woman always does the tough jobs. She staffs the battered women's shelters and in the role of attorney, fights for the rights of women and children. She is the strong, smart woman in the universities who teach women to realize and utilize their own potentials.

Sapho was a masculine woman. Without masculine woman, the animals, the sick and women/children would have no champion. Show a masculine woman a deer, and she'll see something to take care of. Masculine woman's first love is nurturing.

She is the homemaker, the bearer and tender of the young, the gatherer and gardener. Look at the magazines at the grocery store checkout stands. All women's magazines are concerned with the feminine woman's concerns - children, home and garden. Feminine woman is the maker of clothing, the cooker of food, the planter. She looks to the masculine man to understand her and give her support, but he will never be able to do it. It is not in his nature. What he can give her is her children, her home, her meat, her safety. The companion-ship she craves will come from the masculine woman. Show a feminine woman a deer and she'll see a pet - something to love. Her first love is her home and children.

There are two exceptions to these gender classifications - one for each sex.
On the Male Side - The Priest:
This is a masculine man, but he is not a warrior, not a constructor, not a hunter. His job is to report us to ourselves, mirror us to ourselves. He is the philosopher, the poet, the thinker and the writer. He warns us when we are going in the wrong direction and sees a straight line between where we are and where we are headed. He is the shaman in every culture who sees past the physical world to the larger reality. He belongs to the people and is not designed to do the work of the other masculine males. His first love is God (or God in the guise of the spirit that is the sum total of humanity). This spirit moves through him to keep us in touch with our divine origin. He is the metaphysician - the barometer. He is naturally in touch with the great collective consciousness - the mind-at-large. In contemporary America, he is often the musician and songwriter. Show him a deer, and he'll probably view it as a symbol. The priest's first love is humanity.
On the Female Side - The Concubine:

Society has banned, banished and denigrated the concubine, calling her by many derogatory names. But this is still the world's oldest profession because it is a natural role. The English refer to sex as "comfort" and it is the concubine's role to provide comfort to the man who needs what she has to give - usually the priest. In ancient times, the temple virgins filled this role. The temple virgins were respected and considered vital members of society for offering comfort to the priests. The word "virgin" originally meant a woman who belonged to herself; who was unattached to a man or children throughout her life. She was the femme sole, the woman alone and her job was to provide under-standing, sympathy, comfort and guidance to the man who served humanity. These were the "holy whores" and nowadays, you will find many of these women following musical groups. Even a man who is married to his music and who is intent upon saying what he needs to say needs the concubine's comfort. In Japan, the Geisha is the classic concubine, providing attention, relaxation, companionship and comfort. Show the concubine a deer and the last thing she'll want to do is hurt it, trap it or interfere with it in any way. She will celebrate the deer's freedom. The concubine's first love is to serve a spiritual man's physical needs.